Bridal Shower Ideas
Posted on January 17th, 2012

No Women Allowed:
Why do the girls get all the fun? The guys can get together for a pizza party and give stereotypical “guy” things like power tools. Another option is to have an outing, such as golfing or bowling, and give gifts based on these activities.

Seasonal/Holiday Shower:
Include gifts to get a couple started on decorations or other items used for special occasions. For example, if you have a summer theme, gifts could include lawn chairs, grilling utensils, tiki torches, citronella candles, a croquet set, a bocce ball set, etc.
Organizational Party:
For that Type-A bride that thrives on lists and bins, help her out with organizational items such as calendars, plastic bins, drawer organizers, hanging shoe bags, etc.

Around the Clock Shower:
Each guest is given a time of day (or hour of the day) to use as the basis for the gift they give. For example 8:00 am may give a toaster or coffeemaker, 6:00pm a frying pan or dishes, 9:00pm movies and popcorn, etc.
Lingerie Shower:
This party is appropriate when only women will be present. Gifts could include frilly nighties, boxers and t-shirts, lacy bras and panties, baby doll pajamas, bathrobes, and certificates for beauty treatments.

Game Night:
Guests could enjoy board games or even partake in a mock “newlywed game.” Gifts include different board games to start or add to the couple’s collection.
Travel Shower:
If the couple likes to travel, gifts can include travel guides, travel-sized toiletries, luggage, camera film, etc.

Wine & Cheese Tasting Shower:
Attendees are asked to bring two bottles of wine, one for tasting and one as a gift for the bridal couple. Toasts to the bridal couple are given by the guests as they sample the wine. The wine & cheese shower is most appropriate for couples who already have many items for their home and of course, enjoy wine.
Room-of-the-House Shower:
The host(s) provide the bride’s decorating style and color information with the invitations, and leave the rest to the guests.

Tea Party:
If the bride really enjoys tea, than this is the perfect opportunity to throw a party where all the women may sit around sipping tea and eating crumpets. Gifts could include specialty teas, tea cups, kettles, doilies, or just things off the registry.
Lingerie Shower:

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