Don't forget the bathroom, what to include in your amenities basket
Posted on June 25th, 2012

What to include in an amenity basket for your event

Don't leave your guests running to the drug store....

A wonderful touch to ensure your guest’s comfort is to include an amenity basket in the restroom. An amenity basket can solve a myriad of problems form a stopping a run in panty hose, provide head ache relief, sew on a button, freshen your breath, or soothe your throat from a cough.

When you walk through your venue ask if they provide or amenities basket and/or if they have a problem with you leaving one.  If you planb on creating the basket yourself, make sure there is enough room on the counter in the restroom when you do a walk through. You may need to bring a pedestal or small side table to place the amenity basket on if there is not enough space available .

A decorative hat box covered in ivory fabric, a cute container decorated to your theme, or even  sleek tray or basket will work. The following list is a great start to any amenity basket:


Lint brush
Deodorant spray (so we dont share the roll)
Hairspray (pump - non aerosal)
Individual mint hard candies/losenges
Clear nail polish
Various sizes of nude color panty hose
Alka seltzer individual packets
Band aids
Mouth wash and cups
Sewing kit
Feminine napkins
Anti static spray
Saline eye drops
Individually wrapped Tylenol
Bobby Pins/Hair Ties
Individual flossers
Suttle body spray

Deodorant spray
Hair Gel
Men’s cologne
Individual Tylenol
Alka Seltzer
Saline eye drops
Lint brush
Sewing kit
Mouth wash and cups
Band aids
Individual flossersIndividual flossers
Individual mint hard candies/losengesIndividual hard candies/losenges

Amenity basket contain items that will allow your guests to fix a mishap or become more comfortable and even better, most all of these items can be purchased in trial size from the dollar store.  Think of items that may come in handy throughout the evening, and remember to wait until the last moment to put it out. Often times the items disappear quickly. A scented candle, floral bouquet, nice hand soap and towels are a nice accompaniment.  

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