Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue
by Julie Begani on August 10th, 2013

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Location
What you need to know, whether you envision a chapel ceremony or a beachy bash.

3 Things to Consider

1. How many guests do you want, and how mobile are they?

Is your dream wedding small or a Broadway-worthy production? Your answer may determine the location. Why? Even though the day is about you, it’s also about your guests. How many out of town guests will you have?  Will you have an entire weekend of events or just one day? If relatives are elderly, can you expect them to make it safely to the beach? You won’t be able to please everyone, but consider making a concession or two if it means your loved ones will attend.

2. Do you want a religious ceremony?
Fifty-three percent of couples who wed in 2013 did so in a church.

A few things to consider:
A traditional religious ceremony may have to be held in a place of worship, on certain days or times, so be sure to ask up front. (In that case, book the date at your place of worship before you book your reception location.) Also, some religious establishments frown upon elaborate decorations or flowers as well as skin-baring dresses, so inquire about these details.  Most clergy want you to talk to them about possible dates, instead of saying "we are getting married on this date, will you do it?".  They are an integral part of your wedding, include them in the process. 

If you and your fiancé have different religious beliefs, consider having the ceremony at a neutral location, like a reception hall. Talk early on with both families about your decisions.
If organized religion does not play a role in your lives but you want to incorporate a spiritual element, consider hosting the ceremony in a natural setting, such as a beach or a park (Julbilation can pull necessary permits or negotiate rental fees)

3. How much work are you willing―or do you want―to take on?
Depending on the location, you may have to do some heavy lifting. Before you commit to an “I do”-it-yourself undertaking, weigh the pluses and minuses of these settings:

A unique location:  There are  many options in Orlando - Courtyard at Lake Lucerne, HIghland Manor, Mission Inn, Casa Feliz, Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens, and so many more.  These venues don't provide you with much except the wedding space so make sure to think about the extra help you may need coordinating the rehearsal and ceremony or who will make sure the vendors are arriving on time and setting up as requested?   Julbilation can help here - we can create a custom package for you that can include executing a you timeline to make sure your day perfect or working with you the entire way to create a stress free unique wedding for  you and your guests. 

A reception hall: The establishment usually has a one-size-fits-all feel, but its staff is probably well equipped to take care of the dirty work for you, which may include room setup and cleanup.  Make sure to ask about who will open the door for the bride or who will roll out the aisle runner just in time.  Julbilation's ceremony coordination may be just right for you if your hall provides setup for your reception and cocktail hour. 

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