What shots to make sure your photographer gets of you Child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah
by Julie Begani, Julbilation Events on January 3rd, 2014

10  years from now you'll want to make sure you remember every moment of your child's special day.  That's why it is important to make sure you prepare a "shot list"  for your photographer to make sure all the "must haves" get taken.  There will be lots of candid and inspirational shots, but make sure you don't miss you photo op with granny!   Here is our list of suggested photos to take.  Also make sure you designate someone (either your planner or a family friends) to make sure the photos are taken who can check in with the photographer so you can ENJOY your day! 

Photos on Bima

Immediate Family
Immediate Family  + Grandparents
B’nai Mitzvah with each set of grandparents
B’nai Mitzvah with each set of aunt/uncles and their immediate family
Mom’s Family with B’nai Mitzvah (and mom/dad/siblings)
Dad’s Family with B’nai Mitzvah (and mom/dad/siblings)
Other Family/Friends shots
B’nai Mitzvah Reading Speech
Parent’s placing tallit on B’nai Mitzvah
Parent’s offering words of wisdom
B’nai Mitzvah and Clergy
B’nai Mitzvah holding Torah
B’nai Mitzvah receiving blessing from Clergy
B’nai Mitzvah reading from Torah
B’nai Mitzvah and immediate family gathered while reading Torah
Photos at Luncheon (optional)
Table Shots
B’nai Mitzvah Family with friends
Cocktail Hour
Candle Lighting (optional)
Father/Daughter – Mother/Dance
Adult Table Shots
All kids on dance floor posed for camera
Other key moments

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Julie Begani
Julbilation Events

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